Singing the Holy Socks Song

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Article from the Helensburgh Advertiser

While waiting for a delivery of the first delivery of Holy Socks, a friend of mine wrote a poem about our first designs. 

At the time, Holy Socks were based near Helensburgh (Argyll and Bute) and attended St. Columba's Church. 

The organist, Andrew Black, wrote a tune for it and we had it recorded. 

It was a bit of light relief as the choir were busy rehearsing for a performance of Stainer's Crucifixion. 

The local press came along too and an article appeared in the Helensburgh Advertiser.

My thanks to Andrew and the choir for their time and efforts.  I think they all enjoyed their socks.


The Holy Socks Song

As Daniel braved the lion's den

With God as friend and guide

So may you too

Be accompanied 

With Angels by your side


As Jonah faced the dark unknown

Despite his doubt and fear

So may you too be kept on track

With God's voice loud and clear


As Moses travelled with his friends

Through desert, rocks and sea

So may you too

Reach joyfully the flag of victory


As Jesus tends his loyal flock

And keeps them on dry land

So may you too 

Be sheltered by

His ever loving hand


As Jesus kneels to wash the feet

Of those who love his name

So may we too

Give feet their due

And Holy Socks a home


(or should that be hame!)

Jane M MacKichan







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