A combination of the ancient idea of pilgrimage and modern novelty socks, Holy Socks also balance humour with the serious business of Faith on your Feet, walked and lived day by day. 

They're an ideal Christian gift, but are not just for Christians. There are many designs which those of other faiths or no faith at all, could quite happily wear. Our designs are inspired by verses, stories and characters from the Bible.  They come with an original story, poem or meditation.

The first pair of Holy Socks was sold in July 2000.

While we hope you'll be able to navigate around the site easily, we're always happy to chat with our customers and you can still phone us with your order and questions on 01671 404043 or mobile 07918184539.

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"And they all ate and were satisfied."  Mark 6,42; plus two options from John 6,9; and John 21,10.


A sock designed to do serious cycling, in design and fabric content. 


"And Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights." Jonah 1, 17.  One of our original designs from 2000 and the first to have a Holy So


A colourful and detailed design to illustrate "And Noah did all that God commanded him." Genesis 6,22. How well Noah listened to God's instructions!



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Where did Holy Socks start? Holy Socks started in a place called Skelmorlie, a wee village on the Clyde coast in Scotland. 

When did it start?  We sold out first pair of socks in 2000.



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Our socks have been around the world!

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