Ethical Policy

We try to be as ethical as possible. 

Some designs are made in the U.K, some designed in the U.K. and made in Turkey. 

We are in the process of switching to the use of Better Cotton Initiative cotton in our new designs and when we reorder some of our current socks.

Only our thicker walking sock is made in China.

The card we use is FSC.

The packaging bags are 100% recyclable but if you open the packet with care the bag will keep your leaflet neat and clean!

We are replacing items we use, bubble wrap, packaging tape etc with the recyclable and biodegradable options. The small tags which we use to attach the socks to the leaflets are becoming available in biodegradable material and we'll be looking out our size when we next need to buy them. 

In all things, we try to be as ethical and responsible.



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