Featured design - Cycling Holy Socks

Featured design - Cycling Holy Socks


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With “The whirling wheel” text from Ezekiel 10,13 on one rib and on the other “endure to the end” from Matthew 24 9-13, our latest design is just right for cyclists.

Not just because of the featured verses, however, these are socks, specially made for cyclists.

Although we've had cycle themed Holy Socks design for a few years now, this is our first proper cycle sock design - and they've won the approval of a long distance cyclist.

This pair features MESH weave ventilated panels, quick drying & sweat wicking function, extra strong double welt cuff for comfort and stay-put fit and extra flat toe seam prevents pressure points.

In petrol blue with yellow design, heels and toes, these come in three sizes.

Size 35-38

Size 39-42

Size 43-46

We all travel in different ways, and each spiritual journey is different, fitting us for what God wants us to be. We hope they take you safely and comfortably wherever you cycle.

We've had a great endorsement for our cycle socks. 

 Revd Mick Elfred is a long distance cyclist and retired Anglican Priest who has led groups of young people on cycling challenges for various charities.  These have included cycling from Lands End to John o’ Groats, three times.  He's written about his adventures in a blog entitled “Ezekiel’s Wheels".  How appropriate! Here's what he says about our Whirling Wheels socks."

 “I was happy to receive my pair of Holy Socks yesterday.  As a long distance cyclist I am always look for good quality clothing which will make my rides comfortable and enjoyable.  The socks I received certainly fulfilled this criteria and I would have no hesitation recommending them to other cyclists.  Over and above that the design of the socks is such that they might well provoke a conversation with other curious cyclists and give the wearer an opportunity to testify and share the Gospel.”  Revd Mick Elfred. 

Thanks Mick - enjoy your cycling and your cycle Holy Socks.


Made in Italy in 55% Polypropelene (PP) 35% Polyamide (PA) 6% Carbon Resistex 4% Lycra

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