Holy Socks in Cathedrals and Church Shops

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St. Mary's, Warwick

Holy Socks have been sold in Cathedral and church shops since the early days. 

Our first Cathedral and Church Shops Association trade fair was in Lincoln and we've since attended the event in i.a. Hereford, Bury St. Edmunds, Hexham, Shrewsbury and Lincoln again.  

It's always an enjoyable event and Holy Socks are sold in cathedrals up and down the country. 

Here's some photos from just a few of them. It is our intention to add more photos but this gets us started.

Halifax Minster




Halifax Minster tower and Holy Socks inside the Minster.


Halifax Minster

Outside of The Parish Church of St Mary and All Saints, Chesterfield





The Parish Church of St Mary and All Saints.








That's the one with the squinty spire





       That's the one with the squinty spire.







Delivering to St. Giles in Edinburgh





Sometimes we deliver stands.  Here are the two we brought to St. Giles in Edinburgh.











St. Giles






    Sometimes they need an urgent delivery.








A box of Holy Socks for St. Giles





And we're happy to take them.

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