Glory Golf Balls for a holey in one?

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Glory Golf Balls with golf club and tube

Glory Golf Balls were born in Exeter while putting our stand together at the Christian Resources Exhibition at the Westpoint Arena. 

I was on my knees laminating posters and my husband was up a ladder putting the poster round the top of the stand when I uttered these legendary words: "I know what we're going to do next. Glory Golf Balls."  It's surprising that my husband didn't fall off the ladder. 

What do you seek in life? What is there to seek in life? More than a golf ball, however good a golf ball that be and however crucial finding that ball may be in the heat of a match.

How much depth do you seek in your relationship with God? How much depth do you think there is to find? How much are you willing to seek? 

You can look on Glory Golf Balls as a bit of humour, but we also invite you to consider what it is you're seeking in life. 


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