Glory Golf Balls Proverbs 8, 17 Matthew 6, 33

Glory Golf Balls Proverbs 8, 17 Matthew 6, 33


Designed to illustrate our search for God, there are so many combinations of verses that fit the requirements for humorous and thought provoking sets.  

"Those who seek me diligently, find me." Proverbs 8, 17

"But seek first his Kingdom." Matthew 6, 33

Both Pinnacle Rush balls. You may have a favourite type of ball to use, but God isn't at all fussy about the kind of people he calls. He starts with whatever poor quality is prepared to work and journey with him. 

The verses were a fitting start to our Glory Golf Balls series and still remain one of our most popular pairs. 

According to Royal and Ancient rules of golf, players have three minutes to find a ball. We have a lifetime to search for God, find God and dive deeper into the relationship that is there to be enjoyed. 

Before we search for anything, however important and attractive, finding God first helps. 

Set of two white Pinnacle Rush balls in a red ridged tube with story rolls.  £8.75

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