Glory Golf Balls - Hosea 5: 15/Psalm 40: 16

Glory Golf Balls - Hosea 5: 15/Psalm 40: 16

And they will seek my face; in their misery they will earnestly seek me.


But may all who seek you rejoice.



What do you seek in life? What is there to seek in life? More than a golf ball, however good a golf ball that be and however crucial finding that ball may be in the heat of a match.

How much depth do you seek in your relationship with God? How much depth do you think there is? How much are you willing to seek? 

You can look on Glory Golf Balls as a laugh but we also invite you to consider what it is you're seeking in life. 

There are no guarantees that these will help you roll the ball into the hole, but they will certainly be a conversation starter. Have a good game. 

Packed in a red ridged tube with a Glory Golf Ball story rolled inside.

Two white Top Flite balls.  £8.75

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